About Us


My name is Eliza (Elizabeth) Todd and I am an illustrator, author and owner of A Peace of Work.  Creating art has been a passion for me as long as I can remember.  As an introvert and highly sensitive person, I have always craved a bit of time and space that was all my own where I could express, imagine and process the world around me.  

Authenticity and openness in relationships are at the heart of what makes life meaningful.  Over the years, I spent a lot of time looking for stationery products that opened the door for real conversations with friends, family and loved ones.  Oftentimes however I found lovely products with wonderful messages that sometimes left me wanting more honesty and realness. The truth is life is full of some very real ups and downs.  A Peace of Werk was born to offer products that delve a bit deeper into the heart and look to encourage, support and meet you wherever life has brought you or your loved ones. Life can be wonderful, joyful and easy, but it can also be hard and messy too.  We hope to support you and those you love through this very real journey we call life.